Miniature Fainting Goats

Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you are interested in preserving the Fainting goat breed than you must realize that bigger is Not better. Remember that a miniature doe will be under 22" and the buck will remain under 23.75" at the age of 3. Also remember that the original Fainting goats were a small breed. They ranged from 17-25" . This is the goat you should be trying to preserve. Read your breed description. All registeries have them, but some don't follow them.

Yes over the years we have better nutrition and herd management, but the size would have only slightly grown. The characteristics such as buggy eyes and a dished facial profile would NOT have changed. Preserving a goat that's of a larger size and calling it a Fainting Goat is not the way to preserve the breed. Changeing the name from the traditional Fainting Goat to a Myotonic Goat is again not the way to preserve the breed. Call the goat what it is! It is either a Fainting goat or a Myotonic goat but they are not the same. If the goat dosn't meet the breed standard than what is the point of preserving it? If the goat dosn't meet the breed standard/decription it is NOT a Fainting goat.