Miniature Fainting Goats

A Registry Within A Registry That's Just For Mini's


Registry For Minis 

American Fainting Goat Organization is home to many registered certified miniatures.  At the American Fainting Goat Organization we have developed what we refer to as a “registry within a registry”! This is a specialized place for our miniature fainters. These goats must meet the breed standard and at the age of 3 years old a doe must be 22″ and under while a buck must remain under 23.75". Miniatures are just a smaller version of the standard, however, due to their smaller size they are best suited for: pets, shows, and for breeders that just enjoy the smaller sized goats. They don’t require the space, or, the amount of feed that a larger goat will. They make great fun pets and are fun to show.These goats often range from 2.5 pounds at birth to 5.5 pounds. An adult buck will rarely get over 100 pounds. Fainting Goats are classified as a meat goat,however, miniatures do mature at a slower rate.  Good things do come in small packages and the miniature fainting goat is the best small package we have found!!

Miniature are often hard to find. If you are looking to purchase a miniature goat you should ask questions about the goats parents and grandparents. There is never a guarentee that the offspring will be miniature, however, you have a better chance if the mom and dad were both certified miniatures. Many times a goat will just not grow properly and will remain under 22-23.75″.  This is not your true miniature goat. Know the breeder you are buying from. There are lots of good miniature breeders out there.

AFGO awards a permanent miniature certificate to all goats 22-23.75″ and under at the age of 3 years old. The permanent mini doe or buck will carry a MD or MB in front of its registration number.

AFGO is taking the miniatures one step farther by awarding a temporary miniature certificate. This certificate will be given to kids when both parents are registered with AFGO as certified minis.  The temporary certificate will carry a TMD or TMB in front of their number. Their status will be upgraded at the age of 3 years old providing they have stayed 22-23.75″ and under.

If a temporary certified miniature grows over 22-23.75″ prior to becoming 3 years old, his/hers papers will be changed to standard papers. If at 3 years old they are not under 22-23.75″ than their papers will be changed to standard.